Drawings & Paintings

I love birds, they are an endless source of inspiration. On my walks, I pick up a twig and turn it into a BRUSH that will than become part of my handmade brush collection. Some are made with the hair of my sons. One with the colorful feathers of my birds. One with a bamboo twig from my garden and the tattered rubber from an abandoned bicycle tire. This work in progress will tell the stories of happy encounters.

Ink Works

These abstract works made by single brush strokes posses multiple, even infinite interpretations. The painting is so simple that looking at it can help you create a moment of tranquillity in your mind and heart.

I go to the woods at dawn and listen to the wind in the trees, the chirping birds. My path if full of treasures; I forget that society exists. The beauty of a gnarled root stirs my inner core. I pick it up, caress it, bring it home with me and give it a place in my collection of hand made brushes.
Each brush tells a story, modest, small and lightweight, but very agreeable to the sense of touch. A brush has its own specific influences in a work, the distinctiveness of these brush come from that which is imperfect, faint, delicate and subtle that is may be overlooked..
"Le merle blanc existe, mais il est si balnc qu'on ne peut pas le voir, et le merle noir n'est que son ombre."
Jules Renard

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