Sandra Ruyssinck
Living and working in
Ghent - Belgium

Sandra Ruyssinck combines two- and three- dimensional work in sculptures, paintings and drawings

In her creative process, she adopts many Abstract Expressionist techniques and ways of exploration to uproot tradition away from its now conventional, male-dominated past. She envisions a vibrant and vivid present and a free future. Sandra Ruyssinck prioritizes her struggle for freedom. Doing so she marks a shift from last decades’ trends in abstract art, which tended to prioritize pleasing the market.
She wants to inspire to empower the self-image.

During her process, she focuses on the act of creating, through which the subconscious mind takes over from the conscious. She likes classical materials such as linen, bamboo, porcelain, bronze, oil paint and acrylic which she freely combines with recycled or used materials and spray paint.

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Sandra Ruyssinck
My art is a synthesis of my soul, it connects and balances my life.
Sandra Ruyssinck

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