A touch of nature...

Nature gives me a setting for meditative contemplation. I find inspiration in movement of water, sea waves, sun, wind, and shadows. Picking up pebbles, branches and feathers on walks and bring them into my studio to melt nature in my work.

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The search for freedom is the essence of our being an the spark that ignites our passion for life.
True freedom, as I perceive it, transcends the physical; it's a psychological state of being.
To work with a free spirit means to dance on the edge of the unknown, to court the chaos of the unpredictable. It's about welcoming the unexpected, letting the winds of inspiration carry me wherever they may. It's about not being obligated to create, not having to conform to any preconceived notions, and not needing approval or validation from anyone but my own heart and soul.

Sandra Ruyssinck

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