When Woman Were Birds

When women would be birds again
there would be the simple understanding that
to sing at dawn and to sing at sunset
is to heal the world through joy and love.
Let’s remember what the world has forgotten:
That life is meant to be celebrated.

(Inspired by Terry Tempest Williams)

Bronze sculptures have long served as powerful expressions of human creativity and ideals, often embodying the profound concept of freedom. Today it continues to captivate us with its ability to convey the essence of liberation and independence.

Bronze, with its malleable yet durable nature, serves as a fitting medium to bring these ideals to life. “Sometimes In Dreams” is a triumphant figure breaking free from chains, an abstract representation of liberation,

“Whispering Dreams” embody the spirit of freedom and human resilience. They encourage us to cherish and protect the liberties we hold dear and to continue the quest for freedom, both individually and collectively.

In the beating heart of my creative journey ideas are stored, skills are honed, and artistic visions are realized. It provides me space, solitude, and time for reflection. Even more, this space influences and stimulates the development of my unique artistic voice.
It is here that I escape from the outside world, where I can explore my thoughts, emotions, and vulnerabilities. It's a safe space to take risks and push my boundaries.
The chest of drawers in my studio represents my thoughts, memories and projects. It is the soul of my workspace, the gallery of my ideas.
Freedom is wings,
our dreams are birds,
we are in flight.
Sandra Ruyssinck

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