In my sculptures I express the beauty that is revealed by the passage of time. Each line, print or wrinkle represents a souvenir. My sculptures are a synthesis of my life and passion, the essence of being a woman and the path to Eudaimonia.

The roots of my art

My work finds his source in feminity and nature. Inspired by the atmosphere of a forest, the sea, the trees, water and stones.

My grandfather passed on his love for putting my hands into clay, his interest in insects, plants, birds and trees. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a biologist working in the rain forest. Instead I became an artist creating my own biological universe, my realm of harmony with nature, my aesthetic habitat.


Taking the time to create brings me moments of inner calm and balance. It is my intention to make simple things who can help to experience a moment of tranquility in our busy everyday life.
The chest of drawers in my atelier represents my thoughts, memories and projects. It is the soul of my workspace.
Freedom is wings,
our dreams are birds,
we are in flight.
Sandra Ruyssinck

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