I try to capture movement, change and evolution in one moment. Warped roots, battered trees, the forest and the smell of damp air become an active component of the work, reflecting the interaction between nature and human.

Dreams and destiny

I do not need to be understood as an artist,

What counts is who I am and what I make.

I will never downgrade my dreams to mach reality,

instead I upgrade my faith to build my future.

I love imperfect, incomplete and modest objects such as the impermanence and fragility of paper touched by fire or water.
On my walks, I become familiar with the trees I meet.
A tree I knew well cracked and fell down into the water. My photographs mark its changes throughout the seasons.
Under the trees in the leaf-shushed world,
rustling like old love letters,
surrounded by wind,
Emotions expressed in the sound of a bird
The scent of rain, earth, petrichor,
I invite you
to be,
Just be.
Sandra Ruyssinck

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